Senior Citizen Cards

Residents of Punjab are eligible for Senior Citizen Cards as soon as they reach the age of 60. The application can be made at Sewa Kendras with required documentary proof. The application has to be endorsed by an MC/Sarpanch/Numberdar.

Integrated Programme For Older Persons (Revised Scheme effective from 01.04.2015)

There has been a steady rise in the population of older persons in India. The number of elder persons has increased from 19.8 million in 1951 to 76 millions in 2001, and 103.8 millions in 2011. The projection indicates that the number of 60+ in India will increase to 116.10 millions in 2016, 143.20 millions in 2021 and 173.2 millions in 2016.
The main objective of the Scheme is to improve the quality of life of the Older Persons by providing basic amenities like shelter, food, medical care and entertainment opportunities and by encouraging productive and active ageing through providing support for capacity building of Government/ Non Government Organizations/ Panchayati Raj Institutions/ Local bodies and Community at large.

Assistance under the scheme will be given to the Panchayati Raj Institutions/ Local bodies and eligible Non-Governmental Voluntary Organizations for the following purposes:-

  1. Programme catering to the basic needs of Older Persons particularly food, shelter and health care to the destitute elderly;
  2. Programmes to build and strengthen intergenerational relationships particularly between children/youth and Older Persons;
  3. Programme for encouraging Active and Productive Ageing;
  4. Programme for proving Institutional as well as Non Institutional Care/ Services to Older Person;
  5. Research, Advocacy and Awareness building programmes in the field of Ageing; and
  6. Any other programs in the best interests of Older Persons.

Programmes Admissible For Assistance Under The Scheme

  1. Maintenance of Old Age Homes to provide food, care and shelter for a minimum number of 25 destitute older persons.
  2. Maintenance of Respite Care Homes and Continuous Care Homes for a minimum of 25 Older Persons who live in old age homes but are seriously ill requiring continuous nursing care and respite.
  3. Running of Multi Service Centres for Older Persons to provide daycare, educational and entertainment opportunities, healthcare, companionship to a minimum number of 50 older persons
  4. Maintenance of Mobile Medicare Units to provide medical care to the older person living in rural and isolated and backward areas.
  5. Running of Day Care Centres for Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia Patients to provide specialized day-care to the Alzheimer's disease patients.
  6. Multi Facility Care Centers for Older Widows
  7. Physiotherapy clinics for older persons
  8. Regional Resource and Training Centres
  9. Helplines and Counselling Centres for older persons
  10. Programme foe Sensitization of school/college students
  11. Awareness Projects for older persons
  12. Volunteers Nureaus for older persons
  13. Formation of Vridha Sanghas/ Senior Citizen Associations/ Self Held Groups
  14. Any other activity, which is considered suitable to meet the objective of the scheme.

Under the programme Up to 90 % of the cost of the project indicated in the scheme will be provided by the Government of India and the remaining shall be borne by the organization/institution concerned. Further in the case of schools, colleges, Educational Institutions and recognized youth organizations such as Nehru Yuvak Kendra Sanghathan (NYKS) and the National Service Scheme (NSS) undertaking programmes and services for Older Persons, up to 100% cost of the project indicated in the scheme shall be provided by the Government.

International Day of Older Persons

1st October of every year is being celebrated as the International Day of Older Persons around the world in pursuance of a UN General Assembly Resolution of December 1990 for Elderly. This day provides us an opportunity to acknowledge the contribution, wisdom, dignity and needs of our senior citizens and to re-dedicate ourselves to their well being. Eminent older persons are felicitated on this occasion. On this day State level, District level and Block level functions will be organized in the State to honour senior citizens who have made significant contribution to the society. Free health check up camps will be organized in the State, Items such as hering aids, spectacles and mobility bevices like walking stick, walker and wheel chair etc. will be distributed to those who need them.

Home for Old and Infirms, Hoshiarpur

This Home was established in the year 1961. Old and destitute persons wherein the women aging above 60 and men aging above 65 are admitted. Rs 1000/-Per Beneficiary get free accommodation, meals, clothes and medical assistance. From 1-4-2015, Rs 2000/-Per Beneficiary get free accommodation, meals, clothes and medical assistance.

Note: For the benefits, validity and application procedure of a scheme, please contact your nearest DPO.